Ilaria Napoli

Follow your passions and dance from Florence to NYC


My name is Ilaria Napoli, I arrived in Florence from the province of Salerno, when I was just eighteen, almost 30 years ago.

My first true passion was Classical Dance which I started studying at the age of 5. Later I also approached other dance genres such as Modern Jazz, Funky and Contemporary, and the Theater with a training and acting experience with the Università Popolare dello Spettacolo of Naples.


In Florence I achieved all professional levels of study of the Cecchetti Method (ISTD) up to advanced and the DDE (Diploma in Dance Education) and the FDI (First Dance Instructor). I founded the MOMENTI IN DANZA School after having worked as a dancer and choreographer in several musicals and after a long teaching experience in schools, gyms and clubs in Florence, most recently as Director of the ASD “Stelle Danzanti”, which lasted 10 years.


I deepened my knowledge of Dance and Musical in the most important schools in New York including Alvin Ailey Dance School, Broadway Dance Center, Merce Cunningham Studio, Steps on Broadway. In the latter I obtained a scholarship for a whole year in 2018.

I collaborated through a work/study with Jennifer Muller’s Company (JMTW) in 2019, Soho (NYC). I presented my first choreographic project including a dancer with a disability, entitled “Shape of love” as part of the Hatch festival at JMTW. I held modern dance and musical workshops in collaboration with the Il Cannocchiale day center in Florence, founding the Silver Stars Fever company.




Among my collaborations and experiences I also offer various types of services:

• Dance teacher: internships and private lessons (on site and online via video lessons)

• Advice on where to study dance in New York

• Business Woman: partnerships, collaborations and artistic residencies

• Tourist escort driver: Winetour in Val D’Orcia

• Holistic wellness consultant (doTERRA®) and personal growth consultant (Forum Landmark)



An Italian dancer and choreographer in New York for “shape of love”


Ilaria Napoli made her debut as a choreographer in New York.

After a scholarship at Steps on Broadway, she decided to resume working on this piece of hers, involving two American dancers, one of whom was disabled, who she met during her months of study in New York.


It was a dream of mine” says Ilaria, “to be able to create a piece that talked about forms of love, from different perspectives, culture, age, life stages, and above all physical abilities”. “It was wonderful to work with two Americans on this project” continues Ilaria. “It was a great enrichment for the different emotional approach to the work, for the appreciation also received for the Italian choice of music and in general for how much this experience contributed to a truly remarkable exchange of emotions and cultures, particularly when they tried to repeat with me the names of the steps in Italian or the words of the song, which, even if translated, they wanted to hear the sound of in Italian. It was very funny!!!”

Long live Italian dance in New York!

The performance took place on Saturday April 13th at Jennifer Müller The Works studio 131 West 24th street NYC.